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How to lead an interview in Italian

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Leading an interview in Italian: what to ask

Leading an interview implies education in the HR area and a very good preparation to ask the correct questions according to the position you’re hiring for. There are many and different techniques which can help you conducting an interview for hiring the correct candidate for your business

If you’re in Milan for work and you need to conduct an interview, learning Italian is the easiest way to get the most important information out of the candidates. Speaking the same language can simplify your communication, therefore also the interview.

L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano can help you learn Italian at any moment. You can be ready to conduct an interview either in three months or, even better, in three weeks. 

Our school is based in Milan and we offer a variety of Italian courses and provide a unique way of learning: The Experiential Course. It consists of learning Italian and living like an Italian. Therefore, you’re going to learn not only the Italian language but you’re also going to live the Italian culture, making your journey more exciting and fun. 

With L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano, you’re going to discuss about different topics including “how to lead an interview” 

To find the perfect candidate you should know what you’re looking for. For this matter, there are several guidelines to follow in order to hire the right person for the job title you’re offering. 

How to lead an interview: be well prepared

Before the interview, read and study the candidate’s resume and, if necessary, print out a copy for reference while interviewing. 

To narrow down the list of candidates look at your top performers for inspiration and guidance. By doing so, you will be able to construct relevant questions, finding common vision and values with your candidates

How to lead an interview: describe the company and the position

When you start leading an interview, the very first thing you do is to introduce yourself and describe the company: your language competence will help you sum up its background and vision. By using appropriate words, you’ll help candidates understand which the expectations, and responsibilities of the position are. 

The questions you ask and your language competence let you understand the attitude of the candidates, their abilities to describe how they overcome challenges and little by little if they were the candidates you would like to hire. 

How to lead an interview: candidate’s career goals

You can realise how important it is to learn Italian when you need to understand the candidate’s career goals, when you ask them their professional interests and why they are interested in that specific position.

How to lead an interview: what to ask

Basically, the most frequently asked questions are the following:

  • A brief presentation of the candidate
  • Why would you fit the position?
  • How would your boss and co-workers describe you?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • How do you handle situations of disagreement with colleagues and your boss?
  • How do you handle situations of stress?

After asking these specific questions, you will listen to the candidates’ questions and evaluate their interest in the position, their expectations about salary and career: your language competence will help you understand whether that candidate can proceed to the next steps of the interview process or not. 

When leading an interview in Milan, speaking and listening are two of the main abilities you need.

You can start attending our Italian classes which alternates lessons in classroom and practising outside, all over Milan, and learn Italian. You can talk with locals, understand their body language, and the gesture and make new experiences. 

What are you waiting for? Prepare yourself to have fun while making mistakes because your Italian journey awaits!

Learn Italian, Live Italy with L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano!

If this post arises your curiosity and you feel you need to attend an Italian language course before leading an interview in Italian

or contact us >

You can get more information about our experiential courses, find answers to your questions, and dispel your doubts.  

job interview in italian

Which words you need to know for an interview in Italian

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Interview in Italian

Nowadays, job opportunities, and therefore job interviews, are getting harder to achieve: either you work to get one or you are lucky enough to receive  job offers. If you are looking for an occupation in Milan, you shall learn the basic words for a job interview, or at least know them, to maximize your chances to get hired. The school L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano (IAPDM) could be the solution for your research. Our school offers different Italian courses in Milano and provides an alternative way of learning: an experiential course, with practice outside and real experience, in which not only are you going to learn the Italian language but also to live the Italian culture. We will be addressing the historical, cultural, and artistic aspects of Italy, and Milan in particular, and if you’d rather, you can opt for an individual course that can fit the topics you are more interested in. 

Learning Italian is a commitment. It might seem an enormous work but, with our Italian courses in Milano, learning will be more enjoyable and exciting. And you’ll have a lot of fun.

Would you like to get ready for a job interview in Italian?

Test your Italian competence level and evaluate whether to attend an Italian course. It’s not grasping words that you can face an interview!

Tips of the day

The first thing to do when you get a job interview is to make a thorough research about the company you’re going to have an interview with. Secondly, prepare your answers to possible questions, such as “tell me about yourself, and why you are the perfect candidate for this role”. Therefore, you must learn how to do an excellent “Presentazione”, a self-introduction that could impress your interviewers.

With L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano, you could also mock an interview, so that you can practice and get corrected by the teacher. 

Whatever your project is, a high professional job in Italy after finishing your studies or odd jobs to support your stay in Milan, you need to hold interviews for a job: talk about you and your competences, your working experiences, tell which your strengths and your weaknesses are. In other words: you have to be able to communicate. 

“Colloquio”, “presentazione”, “titolo di studio”, “carriera”, “azienda”, “posizione” “risorse umane” “esperienza professionale”, “approccio”…  are only some of the crucial words you need to know for an interview and your success. It’s about you and your life and these are some of the words which mark the way you’ll follow in the coming years.

Which level of our Italian courses suits you best?

  • Have you been in Milan for a while, and you enjoyed it so much to look for a job? 

If you’ve decided to experience working in Milan because you like to stay here and you need to improve your language competence, both oral and written, I do suggest you reach an intermediate-advanced level so you can prepare and easily hold interviews and have the chance to get a good job.  

  • Is your Italian language competence at least at a threshold level?

This is the minimum language competence level I can suggest you before starting your job research. Then, make sure the job post you’d like to respond to doesn’t require any Italian certification. Ask yourself: am I able to hold an interview in Italian? Do I need an Italian course?

As you can see, learning Italian is the key to a successful interview. And learning Italian means attending a course where you study the language and live the culture. 

Have you ever thought to attend an experiential Italian course? You can learn Italian more easily and quickly; on top of that, you can talk with locals and make new experiences. So prepare yourself to have fun while making mistakes because your Italian journey is waiting! 

Learn Italian, Live Italy with L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano!

If this post intrigued you somehow and you feel the need to attend an Italian language course before holding an interview in Italian, click on the link down below and test your level of competence to choose the perfect Italian course suitable for you

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We can talk directly, answer your questions, and dispel your doubts!

Speaking in Italian to introduce yourself: our guide

Speaking in Italian to introduce yourself: our guide 1200 732 Maria

How to choose the way to introduce yourself speaking in Italian?

Speaking in Italian is not always as hard as it seems!

Moving to a new town or a metropolis like Milan, might seem difficult at first. There’s a lot of adjustments you have to go through, a lot of processing and learning to do. Speaking a new language, introducing someone as well as yourself in Italian, might seem difficult but, with our [Italian courses], your journey in this new environment will be a lot easier than you expect, even if your stay in Milan is short and you want to learn Italian for holiday, as example.

The Basics

The language is the first thing to learn when you move to Milan. As a beginner, you must learn the basics,  for example the appropriate way to greet someone or the proper way to introduce yourself in every and any kind of context you’re going to be in. The greetings and presentations may result quite tricky. As a matter of fact, there are different ways to do so. 

Self-introduction (and greetings)

When you meet Italians and you want to introduce yourself, pay attention to whom you’re meeting: is it a formal or an informal context? 

Before introducing yourself, you greet the person you meet: 

  • formally “Buongiorno” (if it is daytime), “Buonasera” (if it is nighttime); 
  • informally “Ciao”, “Salve”, and not “Pronto!” 

Fun Fact:

Once a friend of mine from Germany went to the petrol station and when she came back, she told me: “After paying, I greeted the man and I said “pronto pronto” but he looked at me with a puzzled face and didn’t answer. Did I say anything wrong?” I started laughing… and she looked at me saying “But… you always say “pronto pronto” on the telephone! Doesn’t it mean “Hello”…”  No, definitely not.

The word “pronto” means “ready” in Italian, and the use of this word when Italians answer at the telephone goes back to the very beginning of the telephone itself: in that time you couldn’t dial the telephone number and talk directly with the person you wanted to contact. You could dial only an operator number and ask for connection with the person you wanted to talk with. So, when the connection was ready, the operator said “pronto”. That’s why, still today, even using mobile phones, Italians say “pronto”. 

Furthermore, mainly, it is used to say that something or someone is ready or, under these circumstances, to greet someone on the phone.

On to the specifics

Depending on the circumstances, you can either choose to introduce yourself in a formal manner or the other way around. For instance, in a formal context, you can start by saying your name and surname then end it with a “Piacere”, which means “nice to meet you”. 

  • John Doe, piacere!”

Meanwhile, in an informal context, you can simply say your name then “Piacere”. This is basically the first approach that you’re going to have by meeting new people.

  • John, piacere!”

If you want to greet and introduce yourself in italian, you can say: 

  • Formally: “Buongiorno! John Doe, piacere.”
  • Informally: “Ciao! John Doe, piacere.”

You can add a little formula before your name, like “my name is…”

  • “Buongiorno/Ciao! Mi chiamo John Doe, piacere.”

Different scenarios to introduce yourself

Already booked a flight to Milan and thrilled to learn italian for Holiday? Are you wondering “how can I introduce myself properly”?

Once you’ve landed you might already find someone from the hotel holding a sign with your name and/or surname on it, waiting to pick you up. You may start your Italian journey by saying the following: 

“Buongiorno, sono John Doe” 

This kind of presentation may also work in other formal contexts such as:

  • At the hotel reception where you can introduce yourself in this way: 

“Buongiorno, sono il signor/la signora Doe. Ho prenotato una stanza per tre notti” (“Good morning, I am Mr/Ms Doe. I’ve reserved a room for three nights”)

  • At a gala

“Buonasera, sono John Doe, molto lieto di conoscerla” (Good evening, I am John Doe, really nice to meet you)

  • At the entrance of an event where they will ask you: 

“Buonasera, come si chiama?” (Good evening, what’s your name?) and you’ll answer: “Mi chiamo John Doe” (My name is John Doe).

Meanwhile in informal contexts like:

  • At school, you can try introducing yourself by saying your name, age, where are you from and what do you do or your job title: 

Ciao, io sono John, abito a Milano. Ho 25 anni e sono ingegnere.” (Hello, I’m John, I live in Milan. I am 25 years old and I’m an engineer.”

  • At a night out with your italian friends introducing you to other people, in this case, you could say: 

“Ciao, John! Piacere” (Hello, John! Nice to meet you)

If speaking Italian properly, learning in a quick and effective way is what you are looking for, then you’re at the right place. 

L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano (IAPDM), indeed, offers guided courses both in classroom and all over the city, that’s why we love to call them “experiential courses”. And if you prefer, you can easily learn Italian during Holidays thanks to our short period courses.

By attending lessons in classroom and practising outdoors, you can learn Italian more easily and quickly; you can talk with locals and make new experiences. We are going to be addressing subjects regarding job titles, interviews, the “movida italiana” and many other more.

What do you think? Are you ready to turn your Italian language course into an adventure?

Prepare yourself to have fun while making mistakes because your Italian journey awaits!


Learn to talk Italian in Milan

Learn to talk Italian in Milan 1200 756 Maria

Are you looking for Italian classes to learn and talk Italian in Milan?

Language is the mirror of culture and as the world becomes more and more globalized, knowing another language can only be considered as an enormous skill and advantage. 

Nowadays being multilingual opens the doors to more opportunities, both in studies and career. 

It is no doubt that learning a foreign language is difficult, most certainly the Italian one which is completely different from the English one. At first you’re going to make mistakes, using a word for another just like when mistakenly people use “talk italian”, instead of “speak italian”. 

This kind of mistakes usually occurs when you’re at a beginner level, in this case when you’ve just started to learn a foreign language. What I’m trying to say is that, if you’re planning to live away from home, in Milan perhaps, then you better start looking for a school where you can take Italian classes.

Taking an Italian course, therefore learning Italian language, can definitely make your journey in Italy much easier and enjoyable. L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano can be your life saver in this regard.

As a matter of fact, our school offers a great range of Italian Courses, for every need and level.

What to expect from our Italian Language School

According to your necessities and level of competence, you can find courses that either last three weeks, three months or six months. And if you may prefer, you can also opt for our one to one course where you can basically plan, together with the teacher, the topics you want to learn more about.

L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano (IAPDM) aims to teach the language through what we call “experiential courses”. This kind of approach has been chosen specifically to create a more effective result from what has been learned in class.  By attending lessons in classroom and practising outdoors, you can learn Italian more easily and quickly and improve your Italian by talking with locals and making new experiences. 

With that being said, learning a foreign language is all about being able to communicate and connect with others and this can only be cultivated by interacting with people. Besides, with our Experiential Courses you will be given a 360-degree insight in the Italian culture where not only are you going to learn Italian but you’re also going to live like it.

Talk Italian in Milan with us means expecting laughs and mistakes to remember. With our Italian courses we will be addressing different topics, for example:

Talk italian in Milan: how to choose the right way to introduce yourself

Most certainly we will start with the basis, therefore the first thing you will learn is the right way to introduce yourself in Italian. 

If you want to improve your Italian, this is the first step you have to learn. It may seem hard at first mostly if you’re new in Italy, but there’s nothing to worry about because with IAPDM you’re in good hands.

Thanks to our Italian classes you will be getting some tips and tricks on how to impress who is in front of you. You will learn the appropriate way to greet someone and the proper way to introduce yourself in both formal and informal context.

Self-introduction is different per scenario. In a more formal context, usually, we say “Buongiorno” or “Buonasera” otherwise we simply say “Ciao”, “Salve”.

In this specific case, you can directly practice what you’ve learned out in the city, living first hand some of the storylines that we’ve enlisted in the article.
How you introduce yourself can determine how people perceive you, so it is important to be aware of the context you’re in and who you are talking with. If you want to learn and read more about this matter you can find it in this post: How to choose the right way to introduce yourself.

Talk italian in Milan: which words you need to know for an interview

After introducing yourself, we will go more in depth with the Italian language, more precisely with the correct words to use and know for a job interview. As already said before, learning Italian can only bring advantage for your career.
Basically it becomes easier to hold an interview when you know the company, therefore if you want to make and leave a good impression on your first job interview then I suggest you do a thorough research on the company. Learning more about the place where you want to work can help you answer in a smart and impressing way to the possible questions that may come up during an interview. Also don’t forget to prepare yourself a meticulous self-introduction.

A nice and well-prepared self-presentation can be useful to stand up among the other candidates: if ever you want to practice and mock an interview, IAPDM would be glad and pleased to help you. For your job interview it is crucial to know some basic words so that you can answer to the interviewer’s questions promptly and besides acquiring new knowledge can only give you more confidence with you job interview.

Talk italian in Milan: how to lead an interview

The right way to conduct an interview is one of the many topics we discuss in our Italian classes. As a matter of fact, leading an interview is not as easy as it seems. It might look simple and intuitive at first but asking the precise questions to your future candidates, implies a good preparation about the interviewee.

In all reality, it can be quite challenging if you don’t have an education in the HR area. Furthermore, the interview might become more tricky if you have to conduct it in a foreign language. For this reason, there are few steps to know and learn about conducting a well done job interview and L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano can, hands down, help you on this.

How to lead a Sales Negotiation

If you’re looking for a school that can help you with your sales negotiating skills speaking entirely in Italian, you might have found the right one for you. Italiano A Portata Di Mano, will help you in this journey. Not only are you going to learn Italian but also live as if you’re one of the locals.

Sales negotiation is a very vast topic and talking about it might become quite chaotic but worry not because during our classes we are going to discuss the matter more extensively. In this article you are going to find some key points on How to lead a sales negotiation.

To be and become a good seller, you must be good at convincing people as well as empathising with them. You have to build a certain connection with the buyers in order for them to sign the contract but, by doing so, you must also know your client and propositions, therefore you must be prepared at every given circumstances. Another crucial fact to know is that you are not forced to negotiate with a client with whom you don’t connect with and most importantly if the demands don’t give both parties any kind of benefits.

How to do a phone interview in italian

Anxious on your first phone interview?

These days phone interviews are becoming more and more essential for companies. This kind of strategy is mainly used to speed up the process of recruitment narrowing down the list of applicants. Usually, it is also held to accommodate candidates that are out of town, therefore to minimise possible expenses. Phone interviews are basically the previous step before the final interview which is generally conducted in person. Phone interviews are often confused with phone screenings and even though they are both conducted through the phone, they are still different from each other.

The main differences are: the time limit, the type of questions that are asked and the interviewers. You can find everything you need to know about this topic inside the article in which you will find more information about the meaning of phone interview, some tips & tricks to learn on how to conduct an excellent phone interview.

For this matter Italiano A Portata Di Mano might also help you mock a phone interview in Italian if needed. You are going to learn the basic words to use during a phone interview. By such means you’re going to leave an excellent impression on your recruiter. 

Best places to drink coffee in Milan and meet people

Drinking coffee is a daily ritual for Italian people. In fact, they always start their morning by doing so. You can basically drink coffee anytime you feel like, which could be a perfect opportunity to socialise, learn, practice and improve your Italian. As a result, you’re going to find coffee bars all around the city of Milan.

If you ever find yourself wondering on the best places to drink a nice shot of espresso or simply somewhere to spend your coffee break, L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano has its own top 4 coffee bars to suggest in this article: depending on your personal preferences, you can either find a quiet place where to chit chat with your friends or sip your cup of coffee in a nice bookshop, or spend your time discovering the history.

Where to have language aperitifs in Milan

Amusement and study sounds like an unusual duo but not impossible. With L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano you can easily integrate study with fun. If you want to learn the Italian language while having a glass of wine, by reading this article you will discover the top 3 bars where you can put into practice everything you have learned in class. You will have the opportunity to improve your Italian skills while having an “aperitivo” for the first time.

Though, it is safe to say the meaning of the word “aperitivo”. It simply means gathering with friends or loved ones after work to be always up to date with all the news that Milan has to offer. In this case, you might use it as a chance for some language exchange, therefore intensify your knowledge with the Italian language and to be more confident by speaking it with locals while drinking your Pinacolada and eating the appetisers.

In Milan, having an aperitif on the weekends is almost a must just like getting coffee in the morning. Italian’s nightlife is characterised by getting an aperitivo in the evening. You can easily find bars where you can have and aperitif and L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano can share you the best ones.  

What are the best business events in Milan

Milan is considered as the business capital of Italy. With that being said, there can be different types of business events that occur within the city, such as the “Salone del Mobile”, also known as the “Design Week”, and the Fashion Week. These events usually attract thousands of tourists from all over the world, furthermore they might be the perfect place to encounter and meet new people.

Attending business events is a great opportunity not only to expand your acquaintances but most especially if you are planning to open your own startup. Therefore to leave a good first impression you should be prepared to understand, to speak and communicate in Italian. L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano can easily help you get through this journey. Milan has become the capital of business thanks to three main factors: design, technology and fashion. Discover more in this article >

With our Italian courses in Milan not only you will learn the tips and tricks about the task, improving your skills as an interviewer and, as a bonus factor, you’ll also learn Italian language as well as Italian culture. Some of the key points to keep in mind when you’re about to conduct an interview is your preparation about the applicant, learn as much as possible and, if needed, print a copy of their resume for reference while interviewing; introduce yourself and the company, let your interviewee ask questions and talk. Inside the article you can also find the typical questions that every interviewer might ask.

With L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano, learning Italian has never been so easy!

Or click here to contact us: you can get more information about our experiential courses, find answers to your questions, and dispel your doubts.