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Best places in milan where to have fun

Best places in milan where to have fun 1200 801 Maria

Milan, most likely, might be one of those cities that has and offers almost any kind of entertainment. Therefore, if you’re looking for some “divertimento” in the city, just name it and you’ll find it!

You must be wondering what does “divertimento” mean…it simply stands for “Fun”. And there are two other ways to say so: “divertente”/ “divertire”. These words come from the Latin word de-verto which means turn from/go away from: in other words, change direction and find something new and different.  

In this case “to have fun”, basically, indicates to look and search for something different from your day-to- day routine and Milan is the perfect place for that!

If you are searching for the best places in Milan to have fun while attending a language exchange in Milano, L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano might be the perfect choice that offers you this opportunity: with our experiential courses, you will learn Italian both inside and outside in classroom, where you’re going to practise what you’ve learnt in class. L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano also offers different Italian courses that can suit your level of competence. 

Moreover, depending on your period of stay, you can choose between our Three Week Course, Three Month Course or Six Month Course. We also provide you a One-to-one courses in which you, together with the teacher, will choose the topics you want to talk about.

The “Must See” in Milan

You can find a variety of things to do while seeing the best places in Milan and here are few of the many places you could visit. For instance, you could start off with “Dialogo nel Buio”:


In a nice and silent street – Via Vivaio, in the centre of Milan, at no. 7 – there’s the Istituto dei Ciechi di Milano, an institute where blind people can take part in projects and activities giving you the possibility to live a special experience called “Dialogo nel buio”: a sensorial journey led by blind guides. 

You can experience the darkness, talk with the guides who’ll help you go on by  touching objects, smelling, listening to sounds, tasting … At the end of the journey, you can relax and exchange your personal experience with other people in the dark bar where you can also eat or drink something… You learn another way of seeing: to see in the dark.

If you are more prone to discover the cultural and artistic part of the city, right below you’ll find up a list of museums where you can attend different events and exhibitions:

  • Museo del ‘900
  • Palazzo Reale
  • Castello Sforzesco
  • Triennale
  • Fondazione Prada

Meanwhile, if you prefer visiting a place where you can relax, we suggest you to visit:


Some years ago, an old bathing centre – founded in the ‘30s of XX century – has been re-opened: the area is just near the Parenti theatre, whose foundation took the responsibility to restore and reopen the place. It’s a combination of theatre, events and…movement: you can enjoy swimming in the summer, you can ice skate in winter, you can see shows, take part in workshops, spend an unusual evening with music and dancing. You can experience what you like more. 

I Bagni Misteriosi is located near Porta Romana, at 14 Via Pier Lombardo 

Milan from above

Milan’s skyline can be admired from more than one place; but there’s a specific one where you can have fun: the terraces of the Dome in which your experience starts already when you are climbing the steps: rose marble columns, the spiers, the statues are around you and at each step you can admire something different until you walk along narrow corridors where you can see the polychrome windows. 

Looking at the skyline of Milan from the terrace of the dome is like a magical experience: silence, peace, space… a place where you can almost relax. And, besides, once you are there you can’t help thinking about the travel on the brush of Vittorio De Sica’s Miracle in Milan (1957) 

If you scroll a little lower you can find a list of other skyscrapers where you can take a glimpse of Milan’s breathtaking view/skyline: 

  • Palazzo Lombardia
  • Triennale Terrace
  • Torre Branca

Last but not surely the least: Milan’s nightlife! You can find everything you need to know in this article [Where to have language aperitifs in Milan], in which we enlisted some of the best places in Milan where you can try and live the “movida milanese” while learning Italian: a true language exchange experience in Milano!

If you have just arrived in the city and wish to learn Italian while having fun, L’Italiano a portata di mano can satisfy your wish through an [experiential course].

Our school offers and provides a full circle experience: alternating lessons in classroom and practicing outdoors. You can learn Italian moving from one place to another; you can talk with locals, make new experiences, and live the culture.
Your Italian language course will turn into a real exciting adventure. 

So, prepare yourself to have fun while making mistakes because your Italian journey awaits!

L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano: Learn Italian, Live Italy!

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