CILS - Certificate of Italian as a Foreign Language

Our experiential course lead you in an Italian language and cultural learning process according to your needs, your problems and your wishes. During the courses we will evaluate your linguistic competence and at the end we will sum up all you’ve learnt (summative assessment).

If you need or wish to take an exam in order to get a Certification, as a formal acknowledgment, we will guide you to the CILS certification of the University for Foreigners of Siena. The CILS evaluates your linguistic and communicative competences in all the different levels, from A1 to C2, according to the QCER parameters. 

All our courses aim to give you the competences of the related course level and, if you want to take the CILS exam, we will agree on extra lessons in order to take tests and focus on all the five sections of the certification exam which tests the basic skills: written and oral reading comprehension, analysis of the structures of communication, writing skills and oral production. For A1 and A2 levels the exam includes four parts: written and oral reading comprehension, writing skills and oral production. 

The exams will take place in Milan in one of the different exam centres for CILS certification. 

The dates of the exams will be communicated by the University for Foreigners of Siena, and you will find them here as well.

If the course you are going to attend finishes long time before the exam date, you can contact us, and we can agree on extra lessons for a language “review” and the needed exercises and tests in order to take/pass the exam. Remember: we have a channel to be always connected with you.

We will give you support for the following CILS certifications:

Basic user : level A1 and A2
Intermediate user: level B1, B1 Cittadinanza (for Italian Citizenship) and B2
Advanced user: level C1

Take the test to assess your competence level and find the course that fits you!