Experiential courses
Inside and outside the classroom, for a quicker and more effective learning process

A COURSE is a forward movement in space or time but also the way we proceed, the direction we take. And learning is both a physical and cultural journey.

EXPERIENTIAL because it is based on direct experience. It means learning to use the language. 

Not only does L’italiano a portata di mano help develop linguistic competence with a communicative approach, but it also opens the doors to the country’s culture.

Our Italian language courses in Milan involve an experiential journey, which means that you will be completely absorbed in a new reality, 100% Italian! 

Learning Italian is for us an experiential course to study and learn the language, use it, practice it, and turn it into a tool to communicate, understand and live the Italian culture

It is a guided course that begins in classroom with the teacher and the other students and continues outside the classroom, to practice what you’ve learned and to receive new and various stimuli from the city (Milan). 

It means that every word, every grammatical element that we discover in class is put into practice in real situations. When you learn the main elements to go to the market, then you will go to the market to test yourself, you will listen to what the seller tells you, what other people say and ask, and you will bring along new elements to share and better understand with the teacher and the other students. 

The experiential course that we will do together is an open course that – collecting internal and external stimuli – allows everyone to grasp the different communicative aspects of Italian and Italians: from the word to the gesture, from formal to informal communication, from traditions to innovations. 

You will be the protagonist of this journey: you will get involved, you will experience, you will create your own learning material, you will learn from your mistakes, and you will make this course enjoyable.

Are you looking for a real different Italian language course?