1. Registration and payments

  1. The request of registration must be directly sent to the school L’italiano a portata di mano and can be autonomously filled only by an adult legal subject. The minimum age to attend the courses is 18 years. 

We do recommend to register at least 4 weeks before the beginning of the course: if you register later than 4 weeks before, the School is within its rights to cancel the student’s registration.
1.2 Together with the registration form, the School must receive a deposit of 30% of the total fee of the chosen course as an advance of the full fee. This deposit is not or only partly refundable in case of the course cancellation as specified at point 2 of these General Conditions. The students who need a visa must follow a different procedure (read point 3 of these General Condition of participation).
1.3 As soon as the School receives the registration form and the deposit, a confirmation will be soon sent via e-mail.
1.4 The outstanding amount of the chosen course must be paid at least 14 days before the course beginning. For a last-minute registration (requested at least 14 days before the beginning of the course), the total amount of the fee must be paid to the School at the same time of the course registration.
1.5 The School accepts payment by bank transfer (in this case, please, make sure that banking expences are charged to you) to the following account: 

Banca: Intesa San Paolo
Filiale: Milano 29
Indirizzo: Viale Restelli, 3 Milano (MI)
Intestatario: Maria Pagano
Indirizzo intestatario: Via Pellegrino Rossi, 12- 20161 Milano
cc.: 1000/00003562
ABI: 03069
CAB: 01631
IBAN: IT68A0306901631100000003562

In case of banking transfer, a copy of the accounting must be sent to L’italiano a portata di mano via e-mail at specifying the Student’s name and all the information about the booked course.  

2. Cancellations

2.1 A partial refund (equal to 50% of the deposit or 85% of the total paid fee) will be given back if the request of cancellation is received by the School, via e-mail at least 15 days (if not differently specified on the course site page) before the beginning of the chosen course. Cancellation requests which come later (i.e. starting from the 14th day before the course beginning) will be equivalent to a no show (no show occurs, generally, when the student doesn’t come to the school on the expected day at the expected time for the check in without any previous course cancellation or change): in this case the School has the right not to refund the deposit (confirmation deposit) as a penalty; if the full fee has been paid, 70% of the full fee will be refund.

If the cancellation is requested after having partly or fully attended the course, the student won’t be entitled to any refund: the student will be deemed to have had access to the whole course after having accessed the first form/meeting.
Courses start on the dates the School has decided and communicated. No refund will be made  to the studend who starts late the course, who leaves before the end of the course or misses lessons without any reason. 

2.2 The student who needs an entry Visa for Italy must follow the information written at point 3 of these General Conditions of participation and be sure to apply for the Visa in time to get it before the beginning of the course. If any delay or failure in getting the Visa occur, the student must promptly inform the School via e-mail in order to agree on a new course. Turning up after the expected date, unless preceded by the above information, will be considered a no show.

In case of booking cancellation due to the Visa non-acceptance, regardless the reason of the refusal, the School will refund 70% of the full fee after receiving a copy of the Visa non-acceptance letter issued by the Italian Authority (Ambassy or Consulate), keeping the 30% paid as confirmation deposit. 

2.3 The School may withdraw, at any time and without any responsibility towards the student, in case of it is unable to fully provide the chosen course due to reasons beyond the School’s reasonable control. In this case the School won’t be responsible of any costs the student has beared (by way of example but not limited to it, COVID-19  medical expences  accomodation and return to the country of origin) but it will notify the student of the course cancellation and will offer him/her, within no more than 20 days from this notification, to choose between::

a) the delivery of a voucher for a course similar to the chosen one to be used within 24 months from the delivery date and after agreement with the School on the new school calender; 

b) the refund of the full paid fee. If the original payment to the School has been done by bank transfer, the requested refund will be paid using the same bank datas.

3. Visa for Italy

  1. If the student needs an entry Visa for Italy, we do suggest to read all the information written on the page , and to get in contact with the nearest Italian Ambassy or Consulate  in order to verify all the details about the way and the timing of the issue of the Visa and the next residence permit. 

 3.2 The student must be sure to apply for the Visa in time to get it before the beginning of the course. promptly informing the School via e-mail about any delay or failure in getting the Visa, as specified at point 2.2 of these General Condition of participation. Turning up after the expected date, unless preceded by the above information, will be considered a no-show.

3.3 The student is responsible of the Visa request process and of all the required expences.
The related procedure must be followed autonomously by the student and the School has no responsibility of the Visa request result.

4.   Insurance

4.1 The students enrolled in the course the School delivers are insured against any accidents which may occur during the lessons in the co-working areas and during the outside activities organised by the School.

L’Italiano a portata di mano and the persons in charge with the co-working areas are not responsible of theft or loss of personal items which occur in the co-working areas or outside during the School activities.  

Therefore, we strongly suggest to all the students to buy, in their country of origin, an insurance against personal risks, including the failure to refund payments from the school for any reason, cancellation of arrival and departures, absences or the interruption of the courses for unforeseen circumstances. 

4.2 During their stay in Italy, the students must be insured personally for illnesses and accidents as required by the Italian law. 

5.   Students obligations and class attending

5.1 Students must respect the confidential information they get during their course participation and mustn’t behave against the Italian law. 

5.2 The School reserves the right to refuse the admission and the access or to expel any student who behaves in a not acceptable way, who causes damages or offences or injuries, breaking the law, the rules and the regulations also of these General Condition of participation.
In these cases the student doesn’t have any right to be refunded; any sum not paid, yet, must be immediately paid and any expences to go back to the country of origin must be paid only by the student. 

5.3 Each hour of lesson lasts 60’. A break of 15 minutes takes place during the lessons. Practice outside can vary from 2 to 3 hours.

5.4 Students must regularly attend the lessons, respect the scheduled time and the rules of the School.
5.5 The number of participants at each course can generally vary from minimum 6 to maximum 10 students. In case the minimum number of participants is not reached, the student can agree another date or another similar course or ask for a refund of the paid total fee.   

6. What is included in the course price

  • teaching costs
  • insurance for the school activities inside and outside
  • not on sale learning material 

7. Processing of personal data

7.1 The personal data provided by the student at the enrollment will be processed by the school L’italiano a portata di mano, in the person of Maria Pagano,  in compliance with the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) of the European Parliament and Council and in the Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 as specified in greater detail in the privacy information notice published at the site page https://www.italianoaportatadimano/privacy/informazioni-su-privacy-policy-per-iscrizioni-online.html
6.2 Especially, L’italiano a portata di mano will preserve the student personal data for administrative purposes connected with the students registration as well as promotional educational activities organized by the school itself.  

The school may divulge appropriate personal data to its own staff and to by law authorised third parties, should there be a legitimate need or obligation to do so, as long as the communication of information and the manner of such communication comply with Italian law on privacy: the School won’t share sensitive information about the students with third parties, including parents, close relatives, legal guardians or government agencies authorised by law, without the consent of the student, except in case there is good reason to believe there are risks for the health, safety and/or well being of the student. 

6.3 Personal data communication

The student personal data may be communicated to:

1. communication agency which supports the marketing activities of the School (at the moment KALISI srls);

3. persons who process the personal data for specific legal obligations;

4. judicial or administrative authorities for legal obligations.
6.4 The student may, at any time, exercise the right to object against the data processing and/or the data removal from the School, according to the provisions of Articles 17 and 21 of the GDPR.

6.5 L’italiano a portata di mano reserves the right to use photos and/or video shots taken during the courses or the external activities, to illustrate its promotional material.
At the time of registration, the student must choose whether to consent or not to the publication of such material.
Any use of an image is to be considered entirely for free, and the School expressly guarantees it will be used in contexts which do not affect the personal dignity and standing of the person concerned.

7. Acceptance of the Conditions and applicable law

7.1 By signing the registration form or any other document in writing concerning the registration, the student accepts the General Conditions of Enrolment.
7.2 These General Conditions of participation, available at, replace  any previous Conditions applicable at the time the student made the booking.  
7.3 These General Conditions of participation have been drawn up in Italian later on translated: in case of any doubt concerning the interpretation of the included clauses and/or in case of dispute, the Italian text will be the only authentic text and prevail.
7.4 Any dispute which may arise concerning the interpretation and/or the scope of the clauses in these General Conditions of participation will be governed exclusively by Italian law.