How to lead a sales negotiation

How to lead a sales negotiation

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Looking how to lead a sales negotiation in italian? You’re in the right place.

Before going right into this topic, it is important to know the meaning of sales negotiation:

sales negotiation is a series of meetings, discussions, and proposals between sellers and buyers. In this process, you are able to speak and persuade, to give a solution and satisfy your customer and, for this matter, you must use the correct verbal and non-verbal language in order to empathise with the person you are negotiating with. 

Here you can find some tips & tricks about how to lead your customer into signing a contract deal and sell your product


You have to build a connection with your possible client or buyer. Therefore, in this stage, the first impression is crucial. It’s with your self-introduction that you give the most important information about your product or sales proposition. 

As soon as you meet a person, you open a communication channel touching the emotional part of the human being: words are very important as well as paying attention to the sensibility of your buyer. Be a good listener, read between the lines and acknowledge their concerns. 

Be prepared

Before heading to your sales meeting you should prepare a well-done plan which contains relevant insights about possible challenges that could occur and how you can handle them. In this way, you let your customer think that your proposition is valuable for the company. Trust building is a key factor, in that you create a strong bond that could lead to a successful sales negotiation outcome.

Remember: Be proactive, don’t let the buyer lead the entire negotiation process.

Lead the negotiation

After building a bond and  gaining your costumer’s trust, you can begin the meeting by leading the negotiation. Show your goals and share your concerns, your offers, and your ideas, and set the agenda for the meeting. 

Note the essentials: what you want as a sales representative and what the buyer wants. You must be able to foresee future desires, be prepared for possible challenges, requirements, and so on. 

Be a problem solver

You should always have a plan B, in case you fail to reach an agreement with your initial offer. You should always keep your eyes open for opportunities, explore new possibilities, make a trade that could change the price.

Walk away 

If demands become unreasonable or unprofitable for the company don’t be afraid to walk away, mostly if it doesn’t give you any kind of benefits despite your best efforts to reach an agreement. 

These are only few of the many other stages on how to lead a sales negotiation. There are many blogs, studies, trainings which can teach you more about it. If you live in Milan and work as a sales representative, you should be able to communicate well to finalise your sales negotiations. You need to learn and speak italian. You have to know the right questions to ask, explain why you are asking them, how to let your customer understand you’re paying attention to him.

Before starting any sales negotiation, not only should you be able to speak Italian, but you should also know the Italian culture, the attitude of the locals and understand who’s the person in front of you. To achieve these goals, L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano is the school for you. Our school offers various courses which vary according to your level of Italian and your needs. IAPDM provides a different way of teaching: the “Experiential Course”.

  • It’s clear that learning Italian is the key to run a successful sales negotiation in Milan. And learning Italian means not only learning the language rules but learning to use the language in real situations.

Through our experiential Italian courses, you can learn the language moving from one place to another; you can talk with locals and have a 360 degree Italian experience from understanding the body language and gestures to becoming one of us.

Nothing can teach you quicker and more efficiently than L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano which offers, exactly what you’re searching for: a school that teaches you the Italian language while living the Italian culture. So prepare yourself to have fun while making mistakes because your Italian journey is waiting!

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Ciao, nice to meet you! My name is Maria Pagano and I’m passionate about languages. I’ve studied Modern Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Catania. I’m a teacher of Italian L2 and I got the second level DITALS certification issued by the University for Foreigners of Siena. I’ve taught and still teach Italian language to foreign students, as a volunteer in schools, like Penny Wirton and Mamme A Scuola ONLUS where Italian language is taught for free. My mission is to teach the Italian language to let students discover and live the Italian culture through direct contacts with people and in different context from the classroom, in order to satisfy the needs, the wishes and the curiosities of people who want to know Italy and its features. Learning the language and live the culture. How? With an experiential course which alternates lessons in classroom with practice outside the classroom, all over the city. At the end of this journey Milan will have no secrets for you. And neither will the Italian language. During my academic course (and after it as well) I’ve had the opportunity to study foreign languages and I’ve experienced and lived the impact with foreign cultures in foreign countries. I know what happens when you “go out of the school” and face the world around you. These experiences have turned into moments of reflection which led me to think about a different way of teaching and learning a foreign language: an EXPERIENTIAL COURSE.

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