Italian language school for foreigners in Milan

Live a unique experience with our experiential courses

Immersive journey

The lessons in the co-working areas and the outside experiences let you be in direct contact with natives and practice what you’ve just learnt in classroom. For a quicker and more efficient way of learning.

Living the culture

Say goodbye to the academic teaching! A new way of teaching Italian language comes with IAPDM: EXPERIENTIAL COURSES. It means learning and fun, discovery and full immersion in the Italian culture. Without forgetting sustainability.

Always connected

Even after the end of each course you can keep in touch with us for help or advice about Italian language. A dedicated channel will be available for you.

Our Italian language courses for foreigners in Milan fulfill every need and fit in with every language competence level: we have specific courses for everyone, from beginners to advanced levels.

Three-week courses

Learn Italian with 3-week intensive courses, for each goal and for each level.

Three-month Courses

Learn and refine your knowledge of Italian with our courses.

Ideal for those who have decided to dedicate time to the precious study of the Italian language and culture.

Three-month course for beginners >
Three-month course for intermediate level >
Three-month course for  intermediate/advanced level >

Semester Course

For students who have just arrived in Milan and know little or nothing about the Italian language and culture. 

Ideal for those who want or need to stretch the time with less hours per week. 

Semester course for beginners>

One-to-one Courses

Tailored to your needs.

Perfect for those who need to plan their own learning journey.

One-to-one courses >

Experiential courses

Inside and outside the classroom, for a quicker and more effective learning process.

A COURSE is a forward movement in space or time but also the way we proceed, the direction we take. And learning is both a physical and cultural journey. 

EXPERIENTIAL because it is based on direct experience. It means learning to use the language. 

Having trouble choosing the right course for you?

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