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Are you looking for Italian classes to learn and talk Italian in Milan?

Language is the mirror of culture and as the world becomes more and more globalized, knowing another language can only be considered as an enormous skill and advantage. 

Nowadays being multilingual opens the doors to more opportunities, both in studies and career. 

It is no doubt that learning a foreign language is difficult, most certainly the Italian one which is completely different from the English one. At first you’re going to make mistakes, using a word for another just like when mistakenly people use “talk italian”, instead of “speak italian”. 

This kind of mistakes usually occurs when you’re at a beginner level, in this case when you’ve just started to learn a foreign language. What I’m trying to say is that, if you’re planning to live away from home, in Milan perhaps, then you better start looking for a school where you can take Italian classes.

Taking an Italian course, therefore learning Italian language, can definitely make your journey in Italy much easier and enjoyable. L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano can be your life saver in this regard.

As a matter of fact, our school offers a great range of Italian Courses, for every need and level.

What to expect from our Italian Language School

According to your necessities and level of competence, you can find courses that either last three weeks, three months or six months. And if you may prefer, you can also opt for our one to one course where you can basically plan, together with the teacher, the topics you want to learn more about.

L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano (IAPDM) aims to teach the language through what we call “experiential courses”. This kind of approach has been chosen specifically to create a more effective result from what has been learned in class.  By attending lessons in classroom and practising outdoors, you can learn Italian more easily and quickly and improve your Italian by talking with locals and making new experiences. 

With that being said, learning a foreign language is all about being able to communicate and connect with others and this can only be cultivated by interacting with people. Besides, with our Experiential Courses you will be given a 360-degree insight in the Italian culture where not only are you going to learn Italian but you’re also going to live like it.

Talk Italian in Milan with us means expecting laughs and mistakes to remember. With our Italian courses we will be addressing different topics, for example:

Talk italian in Milan: how to choose the right way to introduce yourself

Most certainly we will start with the basis, therefore the first thing you will learn is the right way to introduce yourself in Italian. 

If you want to improve your Italian, this is the first step you have to learn. It may seem hard at first mostly if you’re new in Italy, but there’s nothing to worry about because with IAPDM you’re in good hands.

Thanks to our Italian classes you will be getting some tips and tricks on how to impress who is in front of you. You will learn the appropriate way to greet someone and the proper way to introduce yourself in both formal and informal context.

Self-introduction is different per scenario. In a more formal context, usually, we say “Buongiorno” or “Buonasera” otherwise we simply say “Ciao”, “Salve”.

In this specific case, you can directly practice what you’ve learned out in the city, living first hand some of the storylines that we’ve enlisted in the article.
How you introduce yourself can determine how people perceive you, so it is important to be aware of the context you’re in and who you are talking with. If you want to learn and read more about this matter you can find it in this post: How to choose the right way to introduce yourself.

Talk italian in Milan: which words you need to know for an interview

After introducing yourself, we will go more in depth with the Italian language, more precisely with the correct words to use and know for a job interview. As already said before, learning Italian can only bring advantage for your career.
Basically it becomes easier to hold an interview when you know the company, therefore if you want to make and leave a good impression on your first job interview then I suggest you do a thorough research on the company. Learning more about the place where you want to work can help you answer in a smart and impressing way to the possible questions that may come up during an interview. Also don’t forget to prepare yourself a meticulous self-introduction.

A nice and well-prepared self-presentation can be useful to stand up among the other candidates: if ever you want to practice and mock an interview, IAPDM would be glad and pleased to help you. For your job interview it is crucial to know some basic words so that you can answer to the interviewer’s questions promptly and besides acquiring new knowledge can only give you more confidence with you job interview.

Talk italian in Milan: how to lead an interview

The right way to conduct an interview is one of the many topics we discuss in our Italian classes. As a matter of fact, leading an interview is not as easy as it seems. It might look simple and intuitive at first but asking the precise questions to your future candidates, implies a good preparation about the interviewee.

In all reality, it can be quite challenging if you don’t have an education in the HR area. Furthermore, the interview might become more tricky if you have to conduct it in a foreign language. For this reason, there are few steps to know and learn about conducting a well done job interview and L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano can, hands down, help you on this.

How to lead a Sales Negotiation

If you’re looking for a school that can help you with your sales negotiating skills speaking entirely in Italian, you might have found the right one for you. Italiano A Portata Di Mano, will help you in this journey. Not only are you going to learn Italian but also live as if you’re one of the locals.

Sales negotiation is a very vast topic and talking about it might become quite chaotic but worry not because during our classes we are going to discuss the matter more extensively. In this article you are going to find some key points on How to lead a sales negotiation.

To be and become a good seller, you must be good at convincing people as well as empathising with them. You have to build a certain connection with the buyers in order for them to sign the contract but, by doing so, you must also know your client and propositions, therefore you must be prepared at every given circumstances. Another crucial fact to know is that you are not forced to negotiate with a client with whom you don’t connect with and most importantly if the demands don’t give both parties any kind of benefits.

How to do a phone interview in italian

Anxious on your first phone interview?

These days phone interviews are becoming more and more essential for companies. This kind of strategy is mainly used to speed up the process of recruitment narrowing down the list of applicants. Usually, it is also held to accommodate candidates that are out of town, therefore to minimise possible expenses. Phone interviews are basically the previous step before the final interview which is generally conducted in person. Phone interviews are often confused with phone screenings and even though they are both conducted through the phone, they are still different from each other.

The main differences are: the time limit, the type of questions that are asked and the interviewers. You can find everything you need to know about this topic inside the article in which you will find more information about the meaning of phone interview, some tips & tricks to learn on how to conduct an excellent phone interview.

For this matter Italiano A Portata Di Mano might also help you mock a phone interview in Italian if needed. You are going to learn the basic words to use during a phone interview. By such means you’re going to leave an excellent impression on your recruiter. 

Best places to drink coffee in Milan and meet people

Drinking coffee is a daily ritual for Italian people. In fact, they always start their morning by doing so. You can basically drink coffee anytime you feel like, which could be a perfect opportunity to socialise, learn, practice and improve your Italian. As a result, you’re going to find coffee bars all around the city of Milan.

If you ever find yourself wondering on the best places to drink a nice shot of espresso or simply somewhere to spend your coffee break, L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano has its own top 4 coffee bars to suggest in this article: depending on your personal preferences, you can either find a quiet place where to chit chat with your friends or sip your cup of coffee in a nice bookshop, or spend your time discovering the history.

Where to have language aperitifs in Milan

Amusement and study sounds like an unusual duo but not impossible. With L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano you can easily integrate study with fun. If you want to learn the Italian language while having a glass of wine, by reading this article you will discover the top 3 bars where you can put into practice everything you have learned in class. You will have the opportunity to improve your Italian skills while having an “aperitivo” for the first time.

Though, it is safe to say the meaning of the word “aperitivo”. It simply means gathering with friends or loved ones after work to be always up to date with all the news that Milan has to offer. In this case, you might use it as a chance for some language exchange, therefore intensify your knowledge with the Italian language and to be more confident by speaking it with locals while drinking your Pinacolada and eating the appetisers.

In Milan, having an aperitif on the weekends is almost a must just like getting coffee in the morning. Italian’s nightlife is characterised by getting an aperitivo in the evening. You can easily find bars where you can have and aperitif and L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano can share you the best ones.  

What are the best business events in Milan

Milan is considered as the business capital of Italy. With that being said, there can be different types of business events that occur within the city, such as the “Salone del Mobile”, also known as the “Design Week”, and the Fashion Week. These events usually attract thousands of tourists from all over the world, furthermore they might be the perfect place to encounter and meet new people.

Attending business events is a great opportunity not only to expand your acquaintances but most especially if you are planning to open your own startup. Therefore to leave a good first impression you should be prepared to understand, to speak and communicate in Italian. L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano can easily help you get through this journey. Milan has become the capital of business thanks to three main factors: design, technology and fashion. Discover more in this article >

With our Italian courses in Milan not only you will learn the tips and tricks about the task, improving your skills as an interviewer and, as a bonus factor, you’ll also learn Italian language as well as Italian culture. Some of the key points to keep in mind when you’re about to conduct an interview is your preparation about the applicant, learn as much as possible and, if needed, print a copy of their resume for reference while interviewing; introduce yourself and the company, let your interviewee ask questions and talk. Inside the article you can also find the typical questions that every interviewer might ask.

With L’Italiano A Portata Di Mano, learning Italian has never been so easy!

Or click here to contact us: you can get more information about our experiential courses, find answers to your questions, and dispel your doubts.  


Ciao, nice to meet you! My name is Maria Pagano and I’m passionate about languages. I’ve studied Modern Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Catania. I’m a teacher of Italian L2 and I got the second level DITALS certification issued by the University for Foreigners of Siena. I’ve taught and still teach Italian language to foreign students, as a volunteer in schools, like Penny Wirton and Mamme A Scuola ONLUS where Italian language is taught for free. My mission is to teach the Italian language to let students discover and live the Italian culture through direct contacts with people and in different context from the classroom, in order to satisfy the needs, the wishes and the curiosities of people who want to know Italy and its features. Learning the language and live the culture. How? With an experiential course which alternates lessons in classroom with practice outside the classroom, all over the city. At the end of this journey Milan will have no secrets for you. And neither will the Italian language. During my academic course (and after it as well) I’ve had the opportunity to study foreign languages and I’ve experienced and lived the impact with foreign cultures in foreign countries. I know what happens when you “go out of the school” and face the world around you. These experiences have turned into moments of reflection which led me to think about a different way of teaching and learning a foreign language: an EXPERIENTIAL COURSE.

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