Italian Individual Course

Tailored to your needs

L’italiano a portata di mano offers courses of Italian for foreigners in Milan for every level and of different length: learn more about the one-to-one Italian language course.

Who is it for?

These are face-to-face courses which we create and agree with you. Together. It’s a tailor-made course, which will focus on the linguistic-communicative competences alternating one-to-one lessons and practice outside.

The goal

The goal of the course is to solve your problems, satisfy your needs and wishes and make sure that you can interact and socialize and actively participate in the world you live (even temporarily).

This course, that we will take together, will improve your lexical competence, and let you deepen the Italian culture through music, cinema, art and walk along the same streets Italian people travelled and still travel along. We will go along the streets, visit different neighborhood, and meet people who will tell us stories about Italian daily life: we can talk with them and ask for questions. 

The language you learn will become an extraordinary tool when you use it outside in the real life of the city, speaking with Italians, finding out what they do and how they live. This journey will be a workshop full of experimentation, socialization and fun: you can use the Italian language to talk about your feelings and your thoughts and, at the same time, enjoy the beauty around you. 

How will the course take place?

We will decide together how long the course will last and the timing.  The one-to-one lessons will take place at the teacher’s house and the practice outside will lead us all around the city in different areas and neighborhoods. 

Our journey will be an experiential course which alternates lessons inside and practice outside.

We’ll read, we’ll look at the different features of the Italian culture, we’ll talk about the city and its different neighborhoods, we’ll focus on different topics you are interested in. Your language competences will be tested going out and living the city life. We’ll go by foot or by bicycle as much as possible so we can grasp the nuances of a city where tradition and innovation always walk arm-in-arm. 

And once is it over?

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of participation and, if you want, you can take the exam for the CILS certification, according to the dates made available by the University for foreigners of Siena.

And last but not least, there is a great opportunity for you who have attended the course: the school does not leave you when the course is over, but it offers you an online space dedicated to your questions, doubts or language needs, for free!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn while having fun!

Upcoming starting dates:
The beginning of the course is
to be agreed together.
We accept registrations. 

The price will be evaluated according to the chosen course.

The duration of the course will be agreed according to the needs.


Learning materials:
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Teacher’s home

  • Check your current Italian level of proficiency taking the placement test on this page

    After the test results – that we will send you in a short time – you are invited to get in touch with us.

  • Together with the registration form, the School has to receive the payment of a deposit of 30% of the total amount, by bank transfer (you’ll get all the details via mail). In order to confirm your participation, the remaining amount of the agreed full fee for the course must be paid at least 7 days before the course itself starts.  Please, for all the details read the General participation conditions.

  • Contact us for more information: we’ll be glad to help you finding the course which best fits you!

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    • Accomodation – if you need help, have a look at our suggestions, read more about our suggestions here >
    • Food and drinks;
    • Public means tickets;
    • Tickets for events or visits to museums, exhibitions, etc. 
    • Costs for CILS Certification exams;
    • Everything not specified in the Participation general conditions.

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