Affina la tua conoscenza dell'italiano con i nostri corsi
Per livelli intermedio e avanzato

Our three-month Italian courses are dedicated to those who already have a good knowledge of the Italian language and aim, in a short time, to make students autonomous and able to extricate themselves in every daily situation.

We don’t call them courses but PATHS, because classroom lessons are always accompanied by experiences outside the classroom to breathe, get to know and experience our beautiful Milan.

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Beginner Level

This course is aimed at students who, like you, have just arrived in Milan and who know little about the Italian language and culture. Thanks to the alternation between lessons in classroom and practice outside, the course will allow you not only to learn Italian so to ease your everyday life, but also to explore the city and its way of living while having fun.

Intermediate Level

It aims to give the students the ability to manage in any kind of situation, even unexpected. Improving your linguistic-communicative competences, this course will let you express your thoughts and your point of views, both verbally and through written texts.

Intermediate/Advanced Level

This course will last three monthsIt is intended for those who already have a good Italian language competence level and want to improve their social interaction ability to communicate more fluently.

Individual Courses

These are face-to-face courses which we create and agree with you. Together. It’s a tailor-made course, which will focus on the linguistic-communicative competences alternating one-to-one lessons and practice outside.

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