My name is Maria Pagano and I’m passionate about languages. I’ve studied Modern Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Catania. I’m a teacher of Italian L2 and I got the second level DITALS certification issued by the University for Foreigners of Siena.

I’ve taught and still teach Italian language to foreign students, as a volunteer in schools, like Penny Wirton and Mamme A Scuola ONLUS where Italian language is taught for free.

My mission is to teach the Italian language to let students discover and live the Italian culture through direct contacts with people and in different context from the classroom, in order to satisfy the needs, the wishes and the curiosities of people who want to know Italy and its features. Learning the language and live the culture.

How? With an experiential course which alternates lessons in classroom with practice outside the classroom, all over the city. At the end of this journey Milan will have no secrets for you. And neither will the Italian language. 

During my academic course (and after it as well) I’ve had the opportunity to study foreign languages and I’ve experienced and lived the impact with foreign cultures in foreign countries. I know what happens when you “go out of the school” and face the world around you

These experiences have turned into moments of reflection which led me to think about a different way of teaching and learning a foreign language: an EXPERIENTIAL COURSE.

A unique way of learning.

My reflections on the foreign language learning pointed out that, when a student decides to learn a language, it is very important to understand and, above all, to live a complete immersion in the culture and turn the learning process into a lively experience

Our Italian language and culture courses aim for a 360° learning process: learn the Italian language, live the culture, and integrate in the world you are living in a different and less academic way, alternating lessons in classroom with practice outside. 

Talking and interacting with people is part of our courses and let you not only highlight your gaps and difficulties and bridge them but also learn the verbal, gestural and behavioural languages, turning the language learning into a lively experience.   

 We will go all over the city, visit markets, squares, museums, gyms, attend events and discover what the city can offer you in that moment. We will walk or bike or go by public means because we like sustainable mobility. Everything we do using the language will become part of your cultural heritage, and mine as well.  

Each course will become a lively experience to be shared. 

Where? In Milan, in the city where the word “change” is always current. In a school which moves all over the city in different co-working areas. The experiential learning starts from here and lets you practise the Italian language and discover the city. 

Lessons are mainly taught by me and other teachers who will support me.

When you learn a foreign language, it is always necessary to practice it and get involved in the interaction. Moving from the language learning to the practice occurs more or less quickly and it depends also on the person’s disposition and motivation; in any case it is not an automatic process.

Are you looking for a real different Italian language course?